Wind Energy As A Sustainable Renewable Energy Source

Wind gets formed when the sun heats up the atmosphere in an uneven way. It is further affected by the topography of the earth’s surface and the rotation of the planet. Energy gets generated by the flow of the wind which is then collected by wind turbines to produce electricity.

There would not be any wind power if there were no involvement of some mechanical process to generate it. That is why the wind turbines were invented to do the work of conversion from wind or kinetic energy to power. Wind power is used in many different ways including water pumping, crushing grains, and for electricity.

Wind turbines are designed in such a way that they can propel when hit by the wind, which in turn powers a generator which creates a current of electricity. There are two types of turbines used to generate wind power. One is the horizontal axis turbine which resembles your standard windmill found on the farm. The other kind is the vertical axis turbine which resembles an eggbeater.

The general build of a wind turbine includes rotors, a drive train, a tower, and some other components necessary to make it function.

A wind farm refers to an area where a lot of wind turbines are used to generate electricity. The electricity coming from the turbines is collected in a grid which in turn distributes the power to consumers.

Different sized turbines give power equal to their size. For instance, a turbine with a 25 feet blade can produce 50 kilowatts of electricity which is enough to provide electricity for a whole household with no qualms. To provide power to about 1,400 homes, one needs a turbine that has rotors the size of a football field and is as high as a 20 story building.

Finally, to thoroughly enjoy the resourcefulness of wind, the speed of wind is essential as it translates to more power.

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