Solar Energy Systems For Renewable Energy Usage

When one talks about green energy sources, the first thing that comes to mind is the energy from the sun. For years, it has been an undeniable fact that solar energy is one of the most sustainable clean energies.

There are three ways or systems that solar power can get harnessed: photovoltaic, passive and solar thermal systems. All these methods work in different ways to harness energy from the sun. Let us have a look at them:

Solar Thermal System

This system leverages the power from the sun by absorbing emitted solar energy which gets transformed to thermal heat. This heat can then be stored and transferred for usage. To harness the power from the sun, one should use black tops. These tops are known as solar collectors. They get placed in such a way that they can absorb the sun’s rays and solar heat. The energy the surface collects gets transmitted to another medium such as oil or water. One way this system is used is to provide hot water to households. Another use of solar thermal energy is to produce electricity which is converted using a steam turbine.

Passive Solar System

This kind of solar energy usage capitalises on the materials used to construct a building, to preserve and generate energy. The way a building gets designed and the type of materials used to build it, play a big part in how energy sufficient it will be. This comes in the form of efficient lighting design and heat retaining capabilities.

Photovoltaic System

This is a system whereby solar panels transform solar energy into electricity by a process known as the photoelectric effect. This can happen in two ways: one is by independent connections where the power gets consumed there and then. This is especially the case on farms. The other way is by having a straight line to the electricity circulation grid for another location.

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