Hydropower As An Option For A Green Energy Source

Just as the name suggests, hydro power is the production of kinetic energy from flowing water in rivers, oceans, lakes and other water bodies. Hydro power falls within the same bracket with geothermal and solar energy sources as indefinite sources of power.

Looking back at history, it is evident that water was a significant source of energy. It got used for grinding grains, pumping water, running machinery and other activities.

As explained, hydro power gets produced from moving water. Water gets passed into a water turbine which spins from the flowing water. The turbine then gets connected to a generator which in turn creates electricity.

Hydropower is obtained in several ways, namely storage facilities with pumping abilities, hydroelectric dams, power from the ocean and many other options.

The most commonly used method is the hydroelectric dam system. A hydroelectric dam functional essence lies in its ability to manage water flow through the turbines. This water gets stored in a reservoir. The size of the dam determines the amount of power generated.

Another method of generating hydro power is through pumped-storage hydroelectricity. This technique has a lot of similarities to the hydroelectric dam method, but the only difference is that it has another water recycling component to it.

A run-of-the-river hydroelectricity method is another hydro power generation method which uses the river’s water flow to generate power. Compared to other ways, this system might fall short due to lack of intense water pressure and river water raising or lowering depending on the season.

Some households, small businesses, communities or industrial plans may opt to use a small-scale hydroelectric method to generate energy for their usage. This is always possible if these establishments are near a water body that can provide the needed water.

Hydro power is however, slowly going down with dwindling climate conditions, lack of favourable sites to put up plants, new green energy sources that are sustainable, and ever-increasing concerns about the effects of dams on the environment.

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