How We Use Energy in Our Day To Day Lives

The following are the three main ways that energy gets used globally. Many of these are done in such a way that it capitalises on conservation and ethical use of power.

There is no doubt that energy use has increased in the past 30 years thanks to the invention of better household and commercial devices. Let us look at three main economic applications of energy:

Home Energy Use

Every house uses power in one way or the other. Many times, residential energy use adds up to running the television sets, washing machines, dryers, water heating, fridges, heating, and lighting among others. In many studies, the conclusion was that it is at home where a lot of energy gets wasted. It now makes sense why our parents always stressed switching off the lights when we leave a room. With proper education on energy conservation, many homes will use energy efficiently and reduce the quantity of energy used.

Commercial Energy Use

This refers to the energy used commercially in businesses and profit making establishments. These buildings need energy for machines such as computers, faxes, telephone lines, copiers, air conditioning, and so forth. Many commercial establishments, especially corporations, have been under constant pressure to take up energy saving tactics in their buildings and way of carrying out business.

Transport Energy Use

With the discovery of energy came transportation. A lot of energy gets used in the transportation sector. From private transport (small cars, motorcycles) to public transportation (buses, trains, planes), they all rely on energy. Recently, there has been an increased need for the transportation sector to opt more for a power-efficient form of transportation. There has also been a call for the various types of transportation to use energy that is friendly to the environment and will work towards the conservation of energy.

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