Everyday Energy Use in Households

For the most part, energy consumption is in homes, and used for daily use such as cooking, lighting, heating, and cooling. Many consumers do not know how much energy they use in their homes, or rather they do not see the effect their consumption has.

Some factors that affect the quantity of energy used in households are the types of household components that use power in the house, and the climatic conditions of an area.

A big chunk goes to heating followed by a combination of lighting, electronics, and appliances. Coming in at third place is heating water, air conditioning, and finally the refrigerator.

With the invention of newer and better household electronics and appliances come the increased consumption of energy in many homes. Many homes now plug in more of this gadgets and devices compared to a decade or so ago. Things such as microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers have become a standard feature in almost all homes. This has seen an increase in the amount of energy consumed in homes in the last three decades.

Appliances such as television sets, computers, laptops, refrigerators, cell phones, gaming consoles, and many others have become quite affordable, and it is no surprise that one can find two or more of these in a home. All these things use electricity and they consume about a third of all the energy one uses at home.

Broadband internet has now become a household commodity. Broadband appliances such as routers use electricity energy in our homes. Websites such as broadband-finder.co.uk provide buying and network setup guides for comparison of the energy consumption in homes.

Considering that household energy has increased, there are several types of energy that are conducive to households. One is the use of natural gas which is suitable for areas that require the heating of living spaces for warmth. The other type of energy is electricity, which accounts for cooking, heating, lighting, and the charging and running of appliances such as television sets, computers, refrigerators and others.

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